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Ramona: "Smiling Pink"

Young, upcoming elephant artist Ramona was born in Way Kambas National Park in South Sumatra on February 27, 1995. Her mother Karsih was an entertainer there, giving elephant rides and performing simple circus tricks for tourists. Her father was a wild bull elephant, whose name and whereabouts are unknown. In 1996, Karsih was transferred to Jambi in South Sumatra, where she lives today, unaware of her only daughter's forays into the art world. Ramona now lives with 16 other elephants at the Elephant Safari Park, a refuge on the island of Bali.

Pink flirts with red in harmonious spirit as Ramona guides the acrylic paints across the paper with singular mastery in her painting "Smiling Pink," says the Novica Web site. "Ramona combines circular and vertical strokes together with long and sporadic ones with the ease and capriciousness of a consummate human artist, making her composition enigmatic as well as captivating."

Photographs and caption information courtesy of Novica.

By making the Asian elephants' paintings widely accessible to the general public, Novica hopes to help increase awareness, encourage conservation, and raise significant funds to assist endangered elephants throughout Asia. Novica is a company associated with the National Geographic Society. Visit the Novica Web site for more details: Go >>

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