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Selection of Drinks Previously Served on Sequoia

Beer George Bush

Bourbon—J.W. Harper Mamie Eisenhower

Bourbon—Jack Daniels Pat Nixon

Bourbon-—Wild Turkey (if someone else was buying) Harry Truman

Brandy—Hine Winston Churchill

Champagne Winston Churchill

Champagne—1955 Dom Perignon JFK’s Last Birthday Party, John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Kennedy Family

Daquiri John F. Kennedy

Gin and Tonic Gerald Ford, Jacqueline Kennedy

Manhattan Franklin D. Roosevelt, Robert Kennedy

Martini Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Gerald Ford

Nothing Alcoholic What Herbert Hoover claimed was served during Prohibition

Rum and Coke Richard Nixon

Scotch—Chivas Regal Dwight Eisenhower

Scotch—J&B Richard Nixon

Scotch—Cutty Sark Lyndon B. Johnson

Scotch and Soda Winston Churchill

Vodka—Stolychniya Leonid Brezhnev, Jacqueline Kennedy

Vodka and Tonic Betty Ford, Jacqueline Kennedy

Mineral Water Emperor Hirohito, Eleanor Roosevelt

Wine—Red Richard Nixon, Pierre Trudeau

Wine—White Jacqueline Kennedy, Pierre Trudeau

Source: Sequoia Presidential Yacht Foundation.

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