Photograph Courtesy SoFi
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The William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, New York.

Photograph Courtesy SoFi

Meet the Company With a Radical Approach to Lending

See how SoFi is helping people chase their ambitions and pursue new adventures.

Student loans are often a financial burden for many and can feel impossible to get out from under. From sacrificing vacations and taking second or third jobs, many people feel the detrimental impact debt can have on daily life. Oftentimes the pivotal moment when debt is finally paid off comes and goes without celebration. That's why SoFi is taking a radical approach to honoring members who have paid off student loans in full.

The recent Debt Free After Dark party was hosted at the Westlight, the rooftop at the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on Thursday, April 26. 2018. The event brought together SoFi members from all over the United States who have reached the milestone of paying off their student loans in full. Not only did this event provide VIP treatment to guests, but it also awarded a National Geographic Expedition to one lucky SoFi member, presented by esteemed National Geographic photographer Jodi Cobb.

Jodi Cobb was the first female National Geographic photographer and had to overcome a lot in life to succeed in her career. “My mom wanted us to have a sense of fearlessness and adventure. I kept asking myself that childhood question - what can I do that I never have done before?" She is a true example of what success looks like after overcoming a myriad of obstacles. Jodi also awarded Guenevere Garrido, a paid in full member from La Mesa, CA, an all-expenses paid trip with one guest through National Geographic Expeditions. Guen says she’s planning to use this trip for her honeymoon. Her trip will also be captured by a National Geographic photographer who will document the adventure.

Guen, honored, said "Thank you so much again SoFi, I am still in disbelief! You guys are awesome for celebrating and rewarding us for reaching this financial milestone. I am also so grateful for this trip and can’t wait to share with you what I do on this adventure!"

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Jodi Cobb awarded Guenevere Garrido an all-expenses paid trip with one guest through National Geographic Expeditions.

Collectively, the paid-in-full SoFi Members who attended the event have paid off a total of $1.56 million in student debt. They paid off their loans 1.9x faster than the average loan term and saved an approximate total of $250,000. This special event highlighted these accomplishments and the realization that financial freedom can open the door to future possibilities.

SoFi celebrated their members who are chasing ambition and pursing new adventures - and have finally reached the milestone of paying off their student loans.

SoFi is a new kind of finance company taking a radical approach to lending, wealth management and insurance. From unprecedented products and tools to faster service and open conversations, they help their members get ahead and find success. Whether members are looking to buy a home, save money on student loans, ascend in their careers, or invest in the future, the SoFi community works to empower members to accomplish the goals they set and achieve financial greatness as a result.

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