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National Geographic Wins First-Ever ‘Media Company of the Year’ Webby

National Geographic’s prowess across platforms—particularly in virtual reality—helped it achieve the inaugural title.

See the Bold New Look of National Geographic Magazine The iconic print magazine introduces a fresh design to showcase its stunning photography and thought-provoking stories.

On April 24, National Geographic was recognized by the Webby Awards as the inaugural “Media Company of the Year.” Announced annually since 1996, the Webby Awards recognize excellence in media, from website and social presence to video content and advertising.

“National Geographic has set a high bar this year and we’re thrilled to honor them with the inaugural Webby Media Company of the Year Award,” says David-Michel Davies, CEO of the Webby Awards. “Spanning everything from machine learning and chatbots to virtual reality and social platforms, their award-winning creative contributions have leveraged the Internet in exciting new ways to deliver the larger-than-life content that National Geographic is best known for directly to fans around the world.”

Media Company of the Year awards are intended to recognize companies that have the most wins across editorial and branded content categories. This year, the Webby Awards received more than 13,000 entries from all 50 states and 70 countries around the world. Fewer than 10 percent of those submissions were nominated. Along with VICE Media and Condé Nast, National Geographic was in the top three with 26 wins.

In addition to the Media Company of the Year award, National Geographic took home Webbys for virtual reality, best use of photography, best data visualization, best home welcome page, best use of video or moving image, and word & trivia categories.

“What an incredible honor from both the Webbys and our community of fans,” says Rachel Webber, EVP of Digital for National Geographic Partners. “National Geographic has served as a platform for exploration for over 130 years, and with new technology and the Internet we’ve been able to empower our millions of fans to explore the world with us. This year’s celebrated work is a testament to our inspiring explorers and photographers, a massive team effort across the organization, and our commitment to impact-driven storytelling.”

This story has been updated with more information on the awards.