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Watch Two Snakes Try to Swallow the Same Bird

Snakes hanging from a tree fighting for a meal is an unusual sight.

Two Hungry Snakes Fight Over a Bird in Rare Encounter

Last week, Charles Holt was walking home from work in Broomfield, Colorado, and thought he saw a rope swaying from a tree—but when he got closer he realized it was something else entirely.

This strange video shows two bullsnakes hanging from a tree, both fighting for a bird to become their next meal. Bullsnakes are non-venomous and constrict their prey to feed.

“Bullsnakes like to eat birds and bird eggs and may even do some climbing to go after bird nests,” says David Steen, wildlife ecologist at Auburn University.

He notes that it is unusual to see two snakes going for the same prey item though. In this case, it was an unlucky bird.

“I wouldn't necessarily expect them to always hang from a tree like that, but sometimes it is hard to balance yourself on a branch and eat a large bird when you don't have any arms and legs.”

Although the outcome of the battle is unknown, hopefully one snake made it away with the prize.