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See the Stunning Waterfalls Created by Historic Floods

Among its devastating impacts, the historic flooding in Burlington, Wisconsin’s Fox River also created this stunning scene.

See how floodwaters transformed a quarry into a lake with flowing waterfalls.

Seen from overhead, this large body of water with cascading waterfalls might appear to be a remote lake. But the recently captured drone footage actually shows a flooded industrial rock quarry just south of Burlington, Wisconsin.

Heavy rains in the area have caused the area’s Fox River to crest above normal levels. By July 13, the river had reached a historic high of 16.5 feet. Several hundred people have been evacuated from their homes, mudslides have sprung up in the area, and the National Guard has been deployed to assist in disaster aid.

As of July 15, about 4,000 residents were without power and telephone services. City government phone lines were still disconnected at the time of this article’s publication.

Lakes often form when water fills natural basins created by receding glaciers, tectonic activity, volcanic eruptions, or dammed rivers. They can also form when rivers overflow their banks and leave bodies of standing water behind as the floodwaters recede.

However, this new “lake” probably won’t last for much longer. Echo Lake Dam just north of Burlington was opened several inches to relieve pressure on the affected areas, and water will likely stop gushing into the quarry soon, allowing it to drain.