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Precision Farming: Harnessing Technology to Feed the World


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As the population continues to grow without a comparable increase in farmable land, the world has once again reached a crossroads in its long-term food supply problem. Goldman Sachs Research’s Jerry Revich predicts the next leg of productivity will come from greater precision in agriculture, enabling farmers to do more with less. He explores how advances in hardware, software and computing power are converging with modern technologies like self-driving tractors and drones to help farmers feed humanity's next century.

Precision Farming: Harnessing Technology to Feed the World

We’re simply talking about technologies that are needed to get us to adequate food supply by 2050.
Jerry Revich Goldman Sachs Research

Innovation flourishes where there are big problems to solve. In its "Profiles in Innovation" series, Goldman Sachs Research takes a look at emerging technologies that are creating new industries and disrupting old ones.

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