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Last Week’s Caption Contest Winners

Find out who won a yearlong subscription to National Geographic magazine, access to Nat Geo PLUS, and a National Geographic Society T-shirt.

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Who wrote the best caption for this photo?

The winner for last week’s contest is Nat Geo member Jacob Coleman, who wrote:

What really goes on aboard Boaty McBoatface

The runners-up were:

Chelsea Hodgkins: Disney partners with MTV to remake the Little Mermaid—Real World style.

Holly Miller: Meanwhile at Neptune's retirement party

There were also lots of references to The Little Mermaid, Poseidon, Atlantis, Game of Thrones, and—strangely—Donald Trump.

Thanks to everybody for participating! You can see the above photo and more from our archives on Nat Geo’s Found Tumblr. And if you’re already a subscribing member, you can explore more images like this in our online archive.

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