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Exclusive Video: Watch Norway's 'Skiing Cat' in Action

Jesper, famous for his wintry antics, enjoys a day on the mountain in new footage provided to National Geographic.

WATCH: An energetic cat named Jesperpus hits the trails with his two-legged friend Aina Stormo in Norway.

Aina Stormo adopted Jesper—the famous "skiing cat" of Norway—as a kitten one November, and "I started immediately to go out with a leash for some trips. So he got used to be with us for outdoor activities in the winter before he experienced the summer," Stormo told National Geographic in an email. (See National Geographic readers' pictures of cats.) 

"That's probably why he is used [to] and likes winter and snow."  

The three-year-old mixed breed's love of winter activities has made him an Internet sensation, with nearly 16,000 followers on Instagram and 40,000 on Facebook. In his many YouTube videos, Jesper explores forests, swims, hangs out with horses, and, of course, goes on ski trips.

In a new video made exclusively for National Geographic, Stormo recently took Jesper into the wilderness for a day of cross-country skiing near the Norwegian town of Hedmark. Like a sled dog, the cat trots in front of Stormo as she skis—and when he gets tired, he rides along on her shoulder. (Also see "How Cats and People Grew to Love Each Other.")

Stormo, who regularly trains Jesper, adds that the feline "always has a clear way to communicate with us." 

"It's always nice to have a friend with us on all the trips," she adds," because he will give you a good company."

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