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Stunning Time-lapse Shows Beauty and Danger of Wildfires

Photographer Jeff Frost documents 25 California wildfires with unusual access.

Watch: Get a close look at raging blazes.

Photographer and videographer Jeff Frost has spent the past few years chasing wildfires across California, to document their toll and make a point about their increased danger in a warming world.

"As each year gets hotter and fire season in the state continues to expand, I have become increasingly concerned about our continued existence on this planet," said Frost, 37, who is based in Los Angeles.

In order to get closer to the heat, Frost shadows firefighters as they battle blazes. He has documented 25 wildfires so far, in a project he calls "Fire Chasers: California on Fire."

"I wanted to show what we are up against right now, let alone down the road when global warming intensifies heat and drought which will further exacerbate wildfires," he said.

Specific fires depicted in the video above include the Rocky and Jerusalem Fires near Clearlake, the Lake Fire near Big Bear, the Rough Fire near Fresno, and the Valley Fire near Middletown, all in California.

Last year, about nine million acres burned across the American West, and scientists warn that lingering drought and a warming climate are likely to make things worse—not to mention an ever expanding human footprint that puts more people in harm's way. (See more photos of wildfires.)

Watch: Learn more about fighting wildfires.

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