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See a Weekend of Snowfall in One Minute

Our time-lapse video captures Snowzilla hitting downtown Washington, D.C.

Time-Lapse: Watch ‘Snowzilla’ Belt D.C. in 60 Seconds Jan. 25, 2016 - Watch as "Snowzilla," aka winter storm Jonas, pounds Washington, D.C. The district's Federal Triangle area is shown, with the Washington Monument visible in the right-hand corner. Shot from inside the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue, the video spans 48 hours, but takes just 60 seconds to watch.


Before the weekend's massive East Coast snowstorm dropped up to three feet of snow, National Geographic video producer Gabriella Garcia-Pardo placed a camera on the deck of the Newseum in Washington, D.C. It stayed pointed at the Federal Triangle area from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, capturing the entire storm, which began with flurries, escalated to blizzard conditions, then moved on to drop near-record snow on cities further north. (Look for the Washington Monument in the top right of the shot!)

Though a measurement issue has put D.C’s precise snowfall totals in question, it’s safe to say at least 18 inches (.45 meters) fell on downtown Washington.