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Watch the Haunting Beauty of the East Coast Blizzard

As snow covered Washington, D.C. and five states, people explored their snowy world.

Watch: Quiet moments during a severe storm.

Despite the breathless media coverage of the storm that dumped up to three feet (one meter) of snow across Washington, D.C. and five eastern states this weekend, many people stole away to experience nature's beauty on their own.

As they discovered, while snow and inclement weather can be dangerous and inconvenient, it can also be beautiful. (See photos of the storm.)

As roads and public transit were closed in the nation's capital, people got out cross country skis and snowshoes, snowboarders could be seen in the middle of major avenues, and children caught snowflakes on their tongues. 

An epic snowball fight raged in the city's Dupont Circle, while others preferred to simply sit and listen to the snow fall, meditating on the quiet that settled over a normally bustling city.

What's your favorite snow moment?

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