Photograph courtesy of 3D Robotics
Photograph courtesy of 3D Robotics

Smart Drones: Designed through Collaboration.

Learn how Seagate network storage solutions streamlined the collaboration for teams at 3D Robotics.

Reimagining What a Drone Can Do

As the popularity of personal drones grows, particularly among adventurers and sports enthusiasts, the robotics industry has started moving toward the creation of mass-market models. No company embraces this shift more than 3DR. Founded in 2009, 3DR designs and manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles, bringing the cutting-edge multicopter, plane and autopilot hardware that was once limited to government entities directly to the consumer marketplace.

3DR technology is engineered to meet the needs of various industries around the globe, including agriculture, construction, photography and ecological study. In the development of its state-of-the-art products, 3DR captures and stores a large amount of video, imagery and design data. This data, in turn, contributes to the company’s open source UAV platform technology. 

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Deploying Better Collaboration

3DR decided to team up with Seagate, a world leader in storage solutions, to find out which data storage technology could promote collaboration across a multi-office team. Having experimented with a number of storage options in the past, 3DR had been unable to find a single, centralized solution that worked well for their growing and expanding business. So when Seagate approached the company with its Business NAS solution, 3DR jumped at the opportunity.

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We’re moving incredibly fast, but in order to get things done we need to move at that speed together.
Colin Guinn, Chief Revenue Officer of 3D Robotics
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Democratizing Software for the World 

The company has since discovered a world of benefits from Seagate NAS. With centralized storage, Seagate has helped 3DR streamline business operations by enhancing collaboration. Employees across departments can easily access and share files on the network—whether working from the company’s headquarters in Berkeley, the engineering facilities in San Diego, or the manufacturing location in Tijuana, Mexico. Storing and sharing content with the 8-Bay Rackmount NAS also helps the company’s open source community collaborate and share files. As a result, 3DR was able to design and develop their first breakthrough “intelligent flight” product, Solo, keeping them competitive in the complex and ever-evolving market of drone technology.

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