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Hilarious SharkFest Promo Takes Bite Out of Competition

Comedian Rory Scovel riffs on TV sharks.

Sharks are awesome no matter what channel they're on. SharkFest premieres Sunday July 5th on NatGeoWild.

Summer is shark season, both in the ocean and on TV. This summer, which marks the 40th anniversary of the movie Jaws, has proven even livelier in both places, with eight shark attacks in North Carolina and a raft of new shows on Nat Geo Wild’s SharkFest.

To promote the latter, which is happening this week, Nat Geo Wild released this hilarious video featuring stand-up comedian Rory Scovel.

“We’re not that other week of SharkTV,” Scovel quips in the spot. “We want you to confuse the two. And you will. And we don’t care—because it gets us ratings.”  

“It’s the same friggin’ sharks anyway," Scovel goes on. "Sharks cannot sign an exclusive contract with a network … we’re pretty certain on that.”

Tyler Korba, creative director for on-air marketing with National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild, told an industry blog that the idea was to get attention for SharkFest’s week of programming.

“We thought it would be funny to own [viewer confusion] and be playful with it,” said Korba. “If you can’t have fun doing TV, you shouldn’t be doing it.”

SharkFest runs all week on Nat Geo Wild. As Scovel says in the video, "Maybe it’s not our idea. Who cares? Just watch it.”

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