Getty Images, picture by Tambako the jaguar
Getty Images, picture by Tambako the jaguar

Preserving Data. Protecting Wildlife.

Learn how Seagate helps the Wildlife Conservation Network use data to save endangered animals around the world.

Space to Run Free

For 13 years, the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) has worked to protect endangered species by supporting conservation partners around the globe who work towards reducing human-wildlife conflict and other threats. Located deep in the field, WCN’s partner staffers and volunteers used a range of data-gathering devices to monitor and document the numbers, conditions and habits of endangered species. From digital camera traps and radio collars to tablet computers and laptops, partner organizations provided the resources required to be as successful as possible on the ground.

Unfortunately, storing and sharing this massive amount of data was often a disorganized process, with most partners relying on USB drives and emailed files to archive findings. In some instances, crucial program results were misplaced or lost altogether. WCN realized they could improve and enhance their partners’ efforts by giving them portable yet durable, high-capacity storage devices. 

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Preserving the Irreplaceable

WCN decided to team up with Seagate, a world leader in storage solutions, to find out how data storage and cloud technologies could help their partners. Starting in the field, partners received Seagate Backup Plus Slim portable drives. About the size and weight of a smartphone, these versatile drives don’t require separate power sources, but run directly from the laptops they back up. Easy to use, these durable metal-cased devices provide reliable, portable storage in harsh, rugged environments. WCN utilized Seagate Business Network Attached Storage (BNAS) and EVault cloud backup services at their worldwide headquarters to help ensure their organization's data stayed safe and secure. This also allowed for seamless collaboration and anywhere access from PCs, Macs and mobile devices. 

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Seagate helps ensure that the critical data being captured every day in the field is reliably stored and protected. 
Dave Cortright, Director of Technology at WCN
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Leveraging Data, Sharing Knowledge

WCN partner organizations are working to improve the status of wildlife on many fronts, which, luckily for everyone, means more animals can be saved. The numbers of lions in Mozambique’s Niassa National Reserve and African wild dogs in Zimbabwe have grown, while Grevy’s zebra population has stabilized in Kenya. The best part? Knowing those adorable baby snow leopard videos on YouTube aren’t going away anytime soon.

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