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Wildlife Watch

Meet the Wildlife Watch Team

A look at the people who comprise the Special Investigations Unit.

The Special Investigations Unit covers the exploitation of wildlife for National Geographic's Wildlife Watch.

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Bryan Christie

Bryan Christy is the SIU’s chief correspondent. A National Geographic Society Fellow, in 2014 he was named National Geographic Explorer of the Year. Before turning to journalism Christy practiced international law in Washington, DC. His areas of interest include wildlife law and the relationships between humans and nature.

Contact him at and follow him on Twitter at @bryanchristy.

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Rachael Bale

Reporter Rachael Bale previously covered the environment for The Center for Investigative Reporting. She also has worked for KQED, San Francisco's public radio station, and the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative newsroom.

Contact her at and follow her on Twitter at @rachael_bale. You can also email her securely using PGP encryption (key ID: 19E751404B5FD21B) and verify her identity with PGP fingerprint DA3B 81D2 0C54 256C 3218 DA3B 19E7 5140 4B5F D21B.

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Jani Actman

Researcher Jani Actman has interned with NPR's investigative unit and Medill Watchdog, Northwestern University's former investigative journalism initiative. She was a lawyer in a previous life, working in education policy.

Contact her at and follow her on Twitter at @janiactman.

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Oliver Payne

Editor Oliver Payne started at National Geographic as a map researcher. He became the cartographic division's writer before joining the magazine as a text editor in 1992. In addition to his work on the magazine and Wildlife Watch, he edits A Voice for Elephants & Rhinos and the Out of Eden Walk.

You can find all of the SIU's stories at Wildlife Watch, and you can also reach us at