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The Air France crash investigation is now focused on the intertropical convergence zone, where trade winds converge, spurring giant storm clouds that can be tough to navigate, experts say.

June 2, 2009

After 400 years beavers are once again gnawing at British branches. But because hunting made native beavers regionally extinct, the new generation had to be shipped in from Norway. Video.

June 01, 2009

A Swedish cottage gets a lift, a porcupine gets its 15 minutes of high-fashion fame, and miners extract sulfur from a volcanic vent in these glimpses of life from around the globe.

June 1, 2009

Just in time for Memorial Day's vacation-season kickoff: "Dr. Beach" names the ten most peaceful, pristine beaches in America.

May 22, 2009

An adventure ride down a section of China's Yangtze River could be the last before planned hydroelectric dams flood the rapids and alter the landscape. Video.

April 23, 2009

Braving long walks across frigid Arctic terrain, a group of British explorers is gathering vital ground-based data about the extent of sea ice shrinkage. Video.

April 22, 2009

Mount Everest has been the scene of many triumphs and tragedies. The formidable challenges presented by climbing into thin air and frigid temperatures have been fodder for many compelling stories of bravery, determination, and failure.

April 15, 2009

Three Sherpa brothers seek to break a time record by staying 24 hours on top. Another Sherpa may shatter his own record for most trips—19. Video.

April 10, 2009

Isn't it amazing what some people will do to get attention? Pancake stacks, pond skimming, and competitive yoga all make an appearance in this round-up of some of the weirdest competitions held so far this year.

April 8, 2009

A tiger, believed to have killed at least three people in Indonesia, has been captured. Conservationists hope the cat can be returned to the wild.

March 03, 2009

Microchip-implanted penguins in Argentina are helping scientists by just doing what comes naturally on the birds' favorite "highway" to the sea.

February 27, 2009

Spotters have recorded more than 470 great white shark sightings in five years at South Africa's False Bay beaches. Thanks in part to the spotters' alerts, there have been no related fatalities.

February 25, 2009

The world celebrated its last hours before the start of Lent on Tuesday with elaborate parade floats, llama sacrifices, fire-eaters, and more.

February 24, 2009

Aggressive radar, flashing lights, and reflective coatings built into planes may prevent bird strikes like the one that likely led to last month's "miracle" Hudson River landing.

February 6, 2009

Unearthed from the ruins of a 1,500-year-old, earthquake-hit Jerusalem building, the unprecedented marble figurine sports a short hairstyle indicating it depicts an athlete.

January 28, 2009


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