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Despite a record hurricane season, many Florida hot spots are relatively unscathed. And tourist bureaus, hotels, and others are pulling out all the stops to lure travelers back.

From the wetlands out front to the undulating exterior, the new National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., is built on native ideas. Includes photo gallery.

Traveler magazine's geotourism editor says the military dictators of Burma (Myanmar) are defacing medieval Buddhist temples at one of Asia's greatest archaeological sites.

In this TravelWatch column, National Geographic Traveler's geotourism editor examines a stewardship program that keeps Maine's ocean islands untrampled.

Conservationists say the survival of Mongolia's fabled taimen salmon may depend on an unusual ecotourism venture involving Western anglers.

A consortium of nonprofits aim to restore sections of the Inca High Road, the 500-year-old route that linked the Inca Empire from present-day Colombia to central Chile.

Global warming is threatening travel destinations worldwide. What's more, travelers themselves are contributing to it. Find out what you can do about it.

Three National Geographic explorers share their favorite places and travel tips for visiting one of South America's most popular tourist destinations.

In Peru, an environmental nonprofit hopes ecotourism can help protect one of the largest tracts of pristine rain forest left in the world.

National Geographic Traveler and Conservation International announced the winners of the 2004 World Legacy Awards in sustainable tourism. Winners include a Dubai desert resort that has restored local native plant and animal species, including endangered oryx, and an Aboriginal operated tour company in the Australian outback.

National Geographic Traveler and Conservation International this week named 12 outstanding tourism finalists in the 2004 World Legacy Awards, which recognize excellence in environmental, social, and cultural travel. Finalists include travel enterprises in natural travel, heritage tourism, hotels and resorts, and destination stewardship.

On June 8, 2004, at National Geographic's Washington, D.C., headquarters, Queen Noor of Jordan is scheduled to again present the World Legacy Awards (WLA) for sustainable tourism—a joint program of National Geographic Traveler magazine and Conservation International.

Filled with larger-than-life heroes and epic battles, the Icelandic sagas may be the most accessible of all medieval literature and a source of inspiration to classic authors like J.R.R. Tolkien.

Never mind its chilly name—as a travel destination, Iceland is hot. Visitors to the North Atlantic island, known as Europe's "land of fire and ice," topped 300,000 last year, more than Iceland's entire population.

Cicada mania is breaking out in a large part of the United States. In the great tradition of U.S. entrepreneurship, restaurants, bars, hotels, and others are preparing for the tourists who will swarm to see the insects. National Geographic Traveler magazine reports on the best things to see and do during the great cicada invasion.


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