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The introduction of the electric refrigerator in 1929 spelled the end of most annual ice harvests, but not all—as a town in upstate New York demonstrates each year.


Young Eskimos are planning a trip to the outside world they know only from TV. "This place is dead," says one—and a way of life may be dying with it.

An award-winning tourism program at Gunung Rinjani—Indonesia's second largest volcano—ensures that tourist fees support local conservation and culture.

Crescent City, California, takes tsunami warnings seriously. Reminders of a 1964 tragedy are abundant in the only town in the continental U.S. where people have been killed by a tsunami.


The destructive force of the recent tsunami is evident along coastlines throughout the Indian Ocean. But what was the impact on life beneath the waves?


With seating for 555 passengers and a wingspan the length of a football field, the new Airbus will be the world's largest commercial airplane.


December's tsunami clogged shipping lanes, rearranged coasts, and created new islands. Now geographers are helping redraw the region so relief can reach ports in need.

The discovery of fossils from a race of ancient, hobbit-like human ancestors on the Indonesian island of Flores earlier this year has triggered a small tourism boom, island officials say.

The key to hidden treasure lies in your handheld GPS unit. GPS-based "geocaching" is a high-tech sport being played by thousands of people across the globe.

After more than twenty years, artifacts from King Tutankhamun's tomb are being displayed in Europe again. Travelers to Germany will also be rewarded with views of artifacts from the Valley of the Kings never before seen outside of Egypt.

As eco-lodges sprout under the forest canopy and guidebooks roll off the presses, Peru stands ready to showcase itself as a bird-watcher's paradise.

Partnering with the National Geographic Society, the Honduran government recently announced its plan to become the first country with an official "geotourism" strategy.

The Cook Islands receive more tourists per capita than any other South Pacific destination. Now authorities are revamping their tourism strategy to focus on preservation.

Despite a record hurricane season, many Florida hot spots are relatively unscathed. And tourist bureaus, hotels, and others are pulling out all the stops to lure travelers back.


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