Test Yourself: A Selection of Questions Asked at the National-Level Preliminary Competition

May 20, 2003
The champions from every U.S. state and territory gathered with family and teachers in Washington, D.C., today for this year's National Geographic Bee. The competition was stiff, the stakes high. The top prize: a U.S. $25,000 college scholarship and the title of National Champion.

This is the 15th anniversary of the bee, one of the largest grade school competitions, involving close to five million students in more than 15,000 schools every year.

Having won individual competitions and their state contests, 55 of the most geographically aware fourth through eighth graders from across the 50 states, the four U.S. territories (District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Pacific Territories), and the Department of Defense Dependents Schools, were in Washington for the final rounds of the bee.

So how were the top ten finalists selected for tomorrow's championship round? They had to answer these questions. Go ahead, try them yourself. A link at the bottom of the page leads to the answers.

• The Ebro River, which flows into the Balearic Sea, is in which European country?

• Tarbela, a large embankment dam, is located in what country that shares borders with Iran, Afghanistan, China, and India?

• The so-called Barren grounds east of the Mackenzie River basin is a tundra region in which country?

• The Llanos is a grassland region that extends from Colombia into what other country?

• Place these river mouths in order according to their latitude, from north to south: Amur, Zambezi, Orinoco.

• Place these countries in order according to their annual oil production, from most to least: Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada.

• In February 2003, the U.S. announced it would begin to admit 12,000 Bantu refugees who have been displaced from a war-torn country located on the Horn of Africa. Name this country.

• In March 2003, thousands of endangered sea turtles returned to the Bay of Bengal to nest on beaches in the state of Orissa in which country?

• Coconut milk is a common drink on an island about 100 miles east of St. Vincent in the Lesser Antilles. Name this island.

• Tropical flowers are sold to tourists who visit the largest island in the Windward island chain of the West Indies. Name this French island.

• The headquarters of several international organizations, including the African Union, are located in a city that was briefly the capital of Italian East Africa. Name this city.

• The Cu Chi Tunnels, an extensive network of war-time tunnels, are tourist attractions just northwest of a city formerly known as Saigon. Name this city.

• One of the Prairie Provinces produces more oil than all the other Canadian provinces combined. Name this province.

• The fertile Ayeyarwady delta yields a large rice crop in what Southeast Asian country?

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