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A photo of two twisters touching down in Pilger, Nebraska on June 16.

Two tornadoes approach Pilger, Nebraska, on Monday.


Christine Dell'Amore

National Geographic

Published June 17, 2014

Much of the small town of Pilger, Nebraska, was flattened Monday afternoon by rare twin tornadoes that killed a child and injured at least 19 people in the northeastern part of the state.

The two twisters touched down within roughly a mile (0.6 kilometers) of each other. Other tornadoes may have also struck the area, and Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman declared a state of emergency.

At least three other northeastern Nebraska towns—Wisner, Stanton, and Pender—sustained damage in Monday's severe weather, CNN reported, with the possibility of more on Tuesday.

Locals took to social media to share dramatic photos of the tornadoes and the damage they wrought:

A photo of a woman walking among rubble from a tornado in Pilger, Nebraska.
A woman walks through the devastation in Pilger, Nebraska, on Monday.
A photo of a man looking through rubble from a tornado Pilger, Nebraska.
Tim Nelson searches for survivors in the ruins of Pilger. The twin tornadoes that hit the region were spawned by the same superstorm.
See raw video of the twin tornadoes swirling through Nebraska.
Randy Wentzel
Randy Wentzel

Just a small correction. "The two twisters touched down within roughly a mile (0.6 kilometers) of each other." 

1 mile = approx 1.6 KM

Sandra Larkey
Sandra Larkey

At one time my family rented a farm where every building except the house had been taken by tornadoes, one building at a time.  The boys at the rural country school kept teasing me that "this was the year the house goes."  I've been terrified of wind ever since.

Sergio Olivares
Sergio Olivares

@Sandra Larkey Hello. Sorry to read that. Neither is good for you to live in such a state of anxiety. I'd tell, relax mentally and be always prepared.


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