Best Space Pictures: Saturn's Lights, a Rocket's Arc, and Canary Nights

The graceful arc of a rocket trail etches the sky, auroras dance around Saturn's north pole, and the Milky Way graces the night sky.

A Soyuz spacecraft lifts off from Kazakhstan on May 29, carrying a new crew for the International Space Station.

A Soyuz TMA-13M spacecraft lifts off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on May 29.

The ship carried a new crew bound for the International Space Station, including NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman, Russian cosmonaut Maxim Suraev, and German astronaut Alexander Gerst.

Stars in the constellation Pavo (Latin for "peacock") flock together in a "globular cluster" in an image released May 25.

Located 13,000 light-years from Earth, the cluster harbors more than 100,000 stars and is about a hundred light-years across.

NASA's Earth Observing-1 satellite captured an image of the city of Vidovice in Bosnia and Herzegovina covered by floodwaters on May 23.

The region, including the Sava River (light green ribbon at center), was overwhelmed by three month's worth of rain in just three days. The river overflowed its banks, surrounding Vidovice (brown smudge in the upper part of the light green blob at center) and submerging some of the city's buildings.

Auroras race around Saturn's north pole in an image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope on May 19. At times the bursts of light whipped around the pole three times as fast as the planet's rotation.

Northern lights shimmer above Norway's Lofoten Islands (map), north of the Arctic Circle, in an image submitted to Your Shot on May 28.

The Milky Way galaxy drapes the night sky above La Palma (map) in the Canary Islands. Lights from a city on the island's southern shore paint distant clouds a brilliant amber.

Photographer Babak Tafreshi took the image—submitted this week to the World at Night—from the edge of the Caldera de Taburiente. The caldera, or crater, is the remnant of a volcano that collapsed in on itself one to two million years ago. The luminous purple spire is a flowering plant known as Tower of Jewels.

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