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A photo of a spiral galaxy moving through the heart of a galaxy cluster.

A galaxy cluster rips stars from a spiral galaxy.


Dan Vergano

National Geographic

Published March 7, 2014

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captures a cosmic clash in this March 4 image, showing stars spilling from a spiral galaxy.

Some 200 million light-years away, the spiral galaxy ESO 137-007 suffers from coming too close to a much more massive cluster of galaxies. The gravitational pull of the galaxy cluster rips the stars away from one side of the spiral galaxy.

Rocket Races Across Alaskan Sky

A photo of a sounding rocket launching into an aurora.
PHOTOGRAPH BY NASA/Christopher Perry

On a rendezvous with an aurora, a NASA sounding rocket races into the Alaskan sky on March 3. The Ground-to-Rocket Electrodynamics-Electron Correlative Experiment (GREECE) mission aims to unravel how curls and eddies form in the northern lights.

Milky Way Spans Starry Sky

A mosaic of 7 photos of the night sky in Chile.

Shining in all its glory, the Milky Way glistens above the Chilean desert in this Your Shot image taken on March 4.

This mosaic of seven nighttime images from the Atacama Desert captures the wonder of the clear, dark sky.

Whirlpool Whirls Across Deep Space

A photo of the Whirlpool galaxy.

An odd couple stares back at Earth, the Whirlpool Galaxy and its satellite galaxy seen in this Your Shot image made on March 6.

Perhaps 30 million light-years away, the Whirlpool Galaxy is often seen as a laboratory for astronomers studying the gravitational pull the two galaxies exert on each other.

Hubble Spots Asteroid's Breakup

A photo of an asteroid breaking apart.

Breaking up is hard to do ... unless you're an asteroid. Here, the Hubble Space Telescope spots Asteroid P/2013 R3 whirling apart, a first in astronomy.

In this series of images taken from October to January, the asteroid breaks into ten pieces, some trailing tails of cometary debris.

Astronomers suspect that solar winds had slowly spun the asteroid until it reached a breaking point and split apart. The four largest pieces of the asteroid measured more than 650 feet (roughly 200 meters) across.

Rainfall Rocket Reaches for Orbit

A photo of a Japanese rocket lifting off.

A rocket carrying a global rain- and snow-watching satellite lifted off from Japan on February 28. The Global Precipitation Measurement Core Observatory will keep an eye on precipitation patterns from orbit.

Developed by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency and NASA, the successful launch of the satellite was greeted with celebration by climate scientists around the globe.

Stars Spin Over Steeple

A composite of 65 images of a church in Iowa.

A starry night spins over a steeple, seen in this March 4 Your Shot picture of the skies above Iowa.

A Perseid meteor flashes across the circling stars, just to the left of the steeple of St. Donatus Church. (Some 65 photos exposed for 30 seconds each make up the mosaic.)

Contribute your photos of space by participating in our Your Shot hashtag challenge. Use #cosmos when you upload your images for a chance for your photo to appear in our next Week in Space gallery.

TC Tekin Ak
TC Tekin Ak

Wow!... This is great. Thanks för sharing...

Joy Trout
Joy Trout

Very beautiful. Very interesting. This is great :)

M. Kazemi
M. Kazemi

Very beautiful and interesting...


Para Noid
Para Noid

The pics were awesome, but I truly enjoyed every comment. I guess it's fine being blind in 1 eye if I can still see out of the other 1! Enjoy your day & save the planet.

Javier Perez
Javier Perez

Poeple in the city will never know how awesome space is with all the city lights it's impossible to see stars etc.

Jinkyung Park
Jinkyung Park

This is awesome of awesome!

I'd like to know how the photogapher took this Magnificent picture.

Lens, time for sutter released.

Thanks. ^^

M. Chase
M. Chase

Very beautiful! I wish I had more opportunities to see the Milky Way away from the city lights and air pollution.

Mark Byrd
Mark Byrd

Harmony and balance in motion across the focal point of the Pole Star.

Allison Chalon
Allison Chalon

This photo is amazing. I have never seen anything like this before. WOW!!

Bories Jung
Bories Jung

A great picture. It looks like it took a while to get it and it really lookes like it has a challenge!

Noorah Ahmed
Noorah Ahmed

"Milky way spans starry sky" is the most amazing picture. The milky way spans are clear in our Arabian deserts too, but unfortunately I don't have a picture of it.

Great pictures indeed.

Alok Das
Alok Das


Outstanding, tremendous good Capture

Nur Noore
Nur Noore

great..great...great photos!

Lorraine Mahoney
Lorraine Mahoney

@Joshua Hall :) Lots of people said the same thing. Oddly enough I looked at that painting everyday in school and forgot all about it until people commented that on my photo and I looked up what they were talking about. 


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