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Tom Tan
Tom Tan

I am an Australian who lives in Jakarta and would firstly point out that the pictures here give impressions of only one side of the city, albeit real and needing urgent attention.

In the expat and upper class neighbourhoods mainly in the south of the city away from the coast and polluted rivers, the built environment is modern, reasonably pleasant and well maintained. 

The salient lessons here are that 1) government intervention can be useful for the welfare of all and the absence of it can lead to environmental tragedy, 2) a society that is sharply divided by income and a government that cares mainly for its elite residents can lead to misery like this for the underprivilged, who find it hard to be socially mobile due to the lack of investment in education and health. 

Having lived in the US before, I would advise that Americans take note of such consequences when they vote for parties that celebrate less government and rewarding more inequality.

Markesot Bertutur Lagi
Markesot Bertutur Lagi

Jokowi Cannot troubleshoot jakarta`s problem by lunch in one table anymore. Jakarta is more complicated than his expected.


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