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D. Merrill
D. Merrill

the full Bradford on migration -  For many, though they desired to injove the ordinances of God in their puritie, and the libertie of the gospell with them, yet, alass, they admitted of bondage, with danger of consciente, rather than to indure these hardships; yea, some preferred and chose the persons [prisons] in England, rather then this libertie in Holland, with these afflictions

D. Merrill
D. Merrill

give me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...

-there were many who preferred the jails and slavery of England to the hardships of this freedom in Laydon - Wm Bradford

Tom Kamrowski
Tom Kamrowski

I have no problem with people coming to this country to become productive members of society. We are a nation of people descended from those who, for the most part came from someplace else. My ancestors came from Germany and Poland in the late 1850's. The problem is that they came here LEGALLY. People who will cheat the system and cross our borders like thieves have NO PLACE HERE. If you want to come to this country, do it the right way. I welcome these with open arms. The rest can go back to where they came from and enter this country using the proper procedures. What people don't realize is that MEXICO has a problem with illegal immigration too. They are more effective in dealing with it though because they aren't a bunch of bleeding heart crybabies down there. I think we should write NEW immigration laws that DIRECTLY MIRROR those in force in Mexico. Fair's fair, right?

A Cruz
A Cruz

No Mr. John C. That is where you go wrong. We're not uneducated. We've taken the nanny and gardener jobs simply because we're undocumented. Trust me, we will not be taking the low wage jobs, we want blue collar, white collar and enterprise. We're skilled enough and are not afraid of work. In fact, we'll do it with a smile on our face. America's changed and so have the global labor demands. We have degrees, we work well in culturally diverse environments AND we speak more than one language. 

John C.
John C.

Let's bringin more uneducated, low wage workers to compete with U.S. citizens so Democrats can pad their future voter rolls, corporations have plenty of semi-slave labor and the wealthy can have nannies and gardeners.

J. BuBu
J. BuBu

@A Cruz Hello,

And more : You are just human so welcome somewhere you think you could live a better life...

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