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Muhammad khan
Muhammad khan

Daylighting Takes Off as Cities Expose Long-Buried Rivers

Richard C. Snow
Richard C. Snow

Prayers and Positive Thoughts for all those affected in the Floods in Germany and the rest of Europe . 

Xira Arien
Xira Arien

This is only going to get worse and more common with global warming.

The places mankind 'grew up' living in, the most heavily developed regions, are now environmental traps. The habilitality of large swaths of land is changing drastically.

We'll probably need to move a quarter of the population of the planet at least short distances to cope with AGW.

David Hendriks
David Hendriks

@Xira Arien I worry for my ancestral homeland, The Netherlands are almost underwater as it is! We don't see it here in central Canada yet but one day i fear it'll be too late...

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