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brittni pryor
brittni pryor

space is full of wonders that i wanna explore (: these beautiful pictures are just the beginning to a whole new learning experience! and i got a lifetime to learn as much as i can.

Dylan Boyer
Dylan Boyer

Space, and Space exploration is my passion. I love learning about new space discoveries and nebulas.

These photos are amazing and wonderful 

Carl Enz
Carl Enz

What amazes me (the internet),I'm a Chess Player.I play and meet people all over the World!! Right now I'm playing people from Germany Sweden,Russia,China, Indonesia, Spain and Talk with them,even played the "Bishop of Rome!! etc, etc. 

Teresa Pettett
Teresa Pettett

Amazing pic!

I love the internet, i can see what is happening right now all over the world and  outer space.

i could not have even dreamed this was possible when i was a child!

Papa Foote
Papa Foote

"Cycles" in "Everything"  - from The Old Mountain Goat

"..An increase in solar flares is to be expected as the sun’s 11-year activity cycle ramps up toward the solar maximum, expected to reach its peak in late 2013. (Related: “Solar Storm Heading Toward Earth.”)..."

Vincent Thomas
Vincent Thomas

Why is the sun round when it is so full of gases?

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