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jim prescott
jim prescott

May God and our prayers be with the people of China affected by this tragic earthquake that has happened in the same providence of 2008 that killed 90,000 men women and children. This has affected many lives again so please stop and say a prayer for all of them

Mark Brennan
Mark Brennan

My heart goes out to our Chinese friends and fellow students.. i hope we can help if needed..I'm sure President Obama is on top of this....Peace to all

Franky H.
Franky H.

We get too much from the nature,the earth has already felt the pain...Disaster is always by us.Don't be sad, we are going to get accustomed to it   =.=!

Mark Brennan
Mark Brennan

@long sheng hong what? nonsense,The world is a vibrant,violative place where bad crap happens all the time. The answer is not anguish.. it is determination and shared effort. buck up dude, 

Julius Constan
Julius Constan

@long sheng hongEven if you are right,there is NO way for us to get accustomed it!We are just the victims of the crime committed by Mother Nature.There is mounting evidence reveals that Indian plate motion is responsible for this.As you can see,the earthquake happened days ago in Iran struck that area for the same reason.Honestly,I hope you can make it through if you lost your family to the 'going-to-get-accustomed' disaster.  

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