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Hannan Ahmad
Hannan Ahmad

Superb green building does not mean it will always be an ideal place to live your life or do your office work. Some minor echoes if found in living or working space, make the living experience worst. In order to get the best out of your money, you will need to buy some world-class acoustic panels or the outcome will not be as superb as expected. 

Elizabeth Woodworth
Elizabeth Woodworth

What a remarkable complex!

Now if only our governments and corporations would take the climate issue as seriously as some citizens do.

On December 3, 2012, The Global Carbon Project, comprised of 35 climatologists from 10 countries, reported that under “business as usual,” “emissions are heading to a 4.0 to 6.1 degree C ‘likely’ increase in temperature...Observed emissions continue to track the top-end of all scenarios."

The public has not been properly informed by the media about global warming so the problem has been incorrectly framed for realistic and responsible decision-making.

A workable plan to transition to clean energy is proposed at:                 


Jaclynn Mac
Jaclynn Mac

The innovative engineering of these "green" buildings give us hope that we can utilize alternative, renewable energy feasibly in our everyday life in the near future. Ingenious! Happy Earth Day!

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