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Jay Clark
Jay Clark

Are there any 'shots from space' that show the comparisons year by year.  I would love to see if there were noticeable differences & if more 'cared' to participate.


my LIGHTS WIll be off.....I want my kids to have grandchildren and so on.....have a better earth enviroment. 

Michael Roussel
Michael Roussel 1 Like

I'll be sure to turn on all my lights and electric appliances at precisely 8:30PM tonight.  Anthropomorphic Global Climate Change is debatable at best, and an elitist fraud akin to clairvoyance perpetrated on an ignorant and indifferent public at worst. 

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To Post

@Michael Rousselis another "conservative" wasting energy and denying science.  When I was a conservative it meant that you were thrifty, conserved resources, and despised all waste.  Now that they love waste and despise science, I had to become a liberal. Deniers deserve all the ridicule they get.  Science is real!

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