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Karen Meilleur
Karen Meilleur

Japan has passed laws censoring news either from japanese citizens or journalist from reporting, hiring homeless and people with mental retardation (thanks to their employment mafias), not paying hazard pay to these unfortunate people and terminating them when they've reached their maximum radiation dose.  The world just sits by clueless of the seriousness of not one but (3) three china syndromes currently in progress at Fukushima.  

What this article doesn't point out is that Japan is not stopping people from moving away from their homes (without compensation).  They have limited choice and must move back to their homes (in order to receive any kind of compensation). 

Meanwhile, radiation background levels in Death Valley (home of Burning Man festival) has recently showed a 31.5 times normal background levels in radiation, during an unusual rainstorm (via YouTube).    Most of the western government radiation detection centers are "out of order." 

NG, why aren't you reporting?

Walid Haddad
Walid Haddad

Great article please note that the city's name is mispeled it is KoriyaMa (not KoriyaNa)


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