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Madalina Surcel
Madalina Surcel

In fact, this is Ukraine. Most of the Danube delta is in Romania, except for the northern part of the Chilia (Kilia) branch which is in Ukraine, and which is what the above picture shows. You can compare with the image in this link

 to convince yourselves. So the author is not completely wrong, but the text should read "The Chilia branch of the Danube cuts a jade path across part of the Danube Biosphere Reserve...".

Radu Zglimbea
Radu Zglimbea

The Danube Delta is located in Romania, not Ukraine. National Geographic should know that.. 

Radu S.
Radu S.

Danube Biosphere Reserve in the Ukraine? hmm i must visit that. The one in Romania is great.. i wonder how is it in Ukraine. pls, pls fire the writer of this article. kids learn from this article.. and u teach bull****

Radu S.
Radu S.

@Madalina Surcel  the initial text was that is located in Ukraine. It was rewriten and romania was added at a later time

Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy moderator expert

@Radu Zglimbea, Madalina Surcel and Radu S. - Thank you for the close read. Our editors have corrected the caption on the image.

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