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Shiva Kumar
Shiva Kumar

wherever white man has set foot there is atrocity let it be Spaniards on Inca Empire to whites on Red Indians... they call themselves civilized  

Doree Stone
Doree Stone

To Henrike Bergmann

I live in  Flagstaff, Arizona.  Flagstaff borders the Navajo Nation.  It is surrounded by the Walapai reservation, Yavapai reservation, and many others.  I work and live with members of many different Indian tribes.  They have their own religions, languages and cultures, but we all share the same community.  My daughter, whose father is black, is engaged to a full-blooded Walapai Indian, and yes, they refer to themselves as Indians.  The politically correct term of native American doesn't matter to them.  They are indigenous to this continent, but have no problem with the term Indian.  

They have no animosity toward the white people in this country.  The Code Talkers of World War II (Navajos) were instrumental in helping the allies defeat the Japanese and Nazis.  They were proud to serve as citizens of this country.  The skyscrapers in New York City are largely built by Indians who have no fear of heights and walk the I-beams a hundred stories and higher in the air.  

 We are a free people and choose to live and work together.  We do not hide from the past.  We do not ignore atrocities.  We learn from them.  We strive to be the best we can be.  We are all human and therefore flawed, but we also encompass all the good things of being human.  We seek to find the good and edifying things that any man accomplishes in life and, though presidents do some things that are bad, they also do things that are very good.  

We remember all of it.  Guilt accomplishes nothing.  It helps no one, certainly not those who suffered long ago.  Humanity is always learning and moving forward.  We cannot change the past.  We can only hope to do better now and in the future.  I hope that someday you can come and visit the Southwestern United States and see first-hand how we share our communities without any hatred.  Come and enjoy our Mexican cuisine, Indian art, wide open spaces and the Grand Canyon.  We never claimed to be the most perfect people on Earth, only the most free.  Here you can walk into a Chinese restaurant, be waited on by a Mexican waiter, have your food cooked by an Indian and pay a British cashier.  Please, come and see how we blend together and let the past remain in the past, always moving into a brighter future.

Florence Deems
Florence Deems

All of the commenters have dredged up past atrocities and resentments. The operative word here is PAST.  As long as we keep dredging up PAST resentments, we'll never be able to FORGIVE and get on with life - coming together in community, forgiving not only others, but also ourselves, and celebrating each others' differences. Community, cooperation, consideration - let's move FORWARD to build a better FUTURE for everyone! 

George Tietjen
George Tietjen

technically all of the united states is native american land...i hate when people say that this was such a travesty because mt. rushmore was built on native american land...YOUR house is on native was horrible what happened to both sides, it happened, let's move on please...

Bruce Carter
Bruce Carter

I have to answer the previous poster.  When you speak of genocide, you have to include the native Americans on the list.  They were responsible for a great many massacres of settlers, to the last man, woman, and child, and committed atrocities on their bodies.  There was plenty of fault on both sides, and neither side can take the moral high ground in entirety.  Some 30 miles from Mount Rushmore, the native Americans are erecting a gigantic monument of their own, which might have been completed by now, except they refuse to accept money offered by the US government.  

Henrike Bergmann
Henrike Bergmann

Sorry to say this but as somebody living in Germany - a country with a very strong (and absolutely justified) historical sense of guilt - I do not understand how Mount Rushmore can still idolized like this in the United States: It was built on Native American sacred land and depicts several presidents who were responsible for large scale genocide and injustice with regard to Native Americans. Unbelievably ignorant!

Captain Dog
Captain Dog

@Shiva Kumar Will you just stfu... Because all other races and cultures are perfect? Why don't we talk about the oppressive caste system in India, or the atrocities in Kashmir? F**k off you piece of s**t.

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