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Karen Sherry Brackett
Karen Sherry Brackett

Sorry, for the bad words but this situation in East Tennessee is just the dumbest thing America has going for it while at the same time being one of the most brilliant too.  It is a complete logistic nightmare while also technology that if done right could power the world.  Its been cluster f...ked by ugh cheap little mindedness into nothing but a house of cards.  And Powell Construction backing Roe for nothing more than 90K in an attempt to keep from having to save the public from the mental illness of mercury exposure from their little coal mine is just the icing on the cake!  I have two letters from the NRC one stating they would do something about a problem and the next dated Nov. 16TH no coincidence after the election I lost to Roe that they now will not.  So, for a little 90Ks worth of petty politics our National Defense is placed at risk.  There's a movie I loved as a kid called "It's a Wonderful Life" and in my opinion, Phil Roe is the Mr. Potter of East Tennessee. 

Karen Sherry Brackett
Karen Sherry Brackett

It feels time once again for yet another: "Where the hell have you been, Congressman Phil Roe?" No, doubt you are still picking and strumming your guitar while your district goes to hell in a hand basket. You have got one cinder block with no steel rebar and no lead filling standing between you and any natural disaster that comes through and you still have not done a damn thing about it. You lazy pig!!! Get your ass up and get that place bunkered in or get the hell out of Washington!

Karen Sherry Brackett
Karen Sherry Brackett

 Now consider in the last couple of years two sink holes have opened up within a half mile of our Nation's only category one Nuclear Fuel facility.  Still, Nuclear Fuel Services and the NRC explain that the citizens of Erwin, Tennessee have nothing to worry about.  Really?

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