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Anand Ravindran
Anand Ravindran

I have no idea about Vampire existence. what i embarrassed much is about the discover of these names like Vampire, Ghost, etc,.. If no one have ever seen these things then how could these names & Characters have been introduced!!!... Somebody should have seen it or feel it.. I am not to the point that these might have existed.. my doubt is only about how these has been named & who?.. 

The name GOD is exceptional, I am not talking about that...

steve mcgraw
steve mcgraw

     He could have fell down and broke out his front teeth. Maybe? Scientific embellishment based on finding a skeleton without it having it's front teeth. Really, never thought that maybe humans loose their TEETH! No, gotta be a vampire! Did it sparkle? Please let me know i beg of you.

Gaby Pattie
Gaby Pattie

Bulgaria- motherland of wild beasts!

Shaify Chahal
Shaify Chahal

@steve mcgraw  "broken" front tooth and "pulled" tooth are contrary to each other.! don't you think? :/
Sparkling of vampires in a movie and actual mythology of vampires is unlikely to argue on.! and questioning scientific thesis ain't brave bro.!

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