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William Tafur
William Tafur

The magazine is one of the best, with so much history from around the world. She is incomparable. Every time I open a page, their stories fascinate me

Ken Albertsen
Ken Albertsen

If that's Area 51, those must be outer space aliens working on that alien craft. Are they making alien babies? .....which will spread and control brain waves of all humans?

Ralph Fajardo
Ralph Fajardo

the crocodile is from our country philippines but sadly he died

KarateJames Moriarty
KarateJames Moriarty

Most of the buildings around the building with a large boat on it is completely adulterated and, none but gunk.

Soap Berries
Soap Berries

That Japan Tsunami picture is crazy! A ship on top of a building.

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