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Jamie Stephenson
Jamie Stephenson

I photographed a triple rainbow some 20 years ago. Was out with the family and parked looking down on a valley in Shropshire UK. There was a very marked rainbow with a faint second rainbow above. After a while a third arc formed briefly underneath.

Was using an old (non-digital) Minolta SLR with 55mm f1.4 lens. The picture may well exist in a box in the attic.

Piet V.
Piet V.

I once saw a septuple rainbow when cycling north from Luxembourg city one late afternoon in 1974. Bright sky toward the west and a very dark sky and rain toward the east. However my friend thought it was "only" a sextuple rainbow. No camera at hand.

Kat Leon
Kat Leon

Yes, Sarah, you did.  :)


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