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Arturo Garza
Arturo Garza

Awesomeness!! I have viewed a recent documentary on the snow where the snow leopard chases after a young ram into the river and it is dumbfounded at it's escape, a great doc!!

Ken Brash
Ken Brash

Once again wonderful photographs of a magnificent creature. 

M. Cooper
M. Cooper

It's a rare and beautiful privilege to see the magnificent pictures

you have shared with us.

Ranveig Eckhoff
Ranveig Eckhoff

Many great pics and projects. Yes, we need to draw more attention to the link war-wildlife loss.

colin harvey
colin harvey

i watched your film on the snow leopards in afgahganistan andwas so put of by the way the pepole went out and snared the leopard bye the leg. it was in a lot of stress and pain the pepole who were doing this seemed to be morelike a load of ameturs to say this was to help the snow leopards seems wrong i have seen a lot of foxes taken in snares and when caught bye the leg in this way a lot of damage is done and when they went to trankalize it they took three shot to do this the vet had to sent for while the leopard was left in the snare trying to escape i am all for the consevation of these proud cats but not when these peole put them in great pain like this as there are much better ways to catch animals than leg snars.

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