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Andrew Shaw
Andrew Shaw

i don't see how this could affect the human race and if it could there would be something about it on the news and the army would have some kind of containment for this

Alexandra Weibley
Alexandra Weibley

If you think about it Alzheimer's does the same thing that the infection on "The Walking Dead" the only difference is it doesn't cause the person to eat another person. Just think if Alzheimer's was combine with rabies it could possibly cause people to eat people.

Connor Burke
Connor Burke

...they are evolving woohoo infect a human would ya


This would be very worrying if humans could be affected by the fungus

Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee

I got this interesting news about zombie ants from my well-read friend, Lim. It sounds more like some science fiction that fungus can control an insect's brain.

Have a restful Sunday folks.


Golden Cut
Golden Cut

"All four known fungi species live in Brazil's Atlantic rain forest"

Interesting, maybe they meant cordyceps' species? Yet, they are found even here in Northern Europe...

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