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April Hidalgo
April Hidalgo

The tragic end of the most beautiful Titanic and the loss of every soul was harrowing and heartbreaking in the least. I will never understand why mankind thinks they have to disturb the resting place of those that are gone. Bob Ballard was correct in his wishes for the remains to be left alone. It is grave robbing, it is wrong. Photographs speak a thousand words.... may the lost souls rest in peace. 

Brendan Ryan
Brendan Ryan

Titanic, ship of dreams that slowly rusts at the bottom of the Atlantic with such a tragic loss of life. After 100 years the world still can not get enough of the mystery and drama that is TITANIC!

Kathy Culpepper
Kathy Culpepper

love things about it the titanic since I was a small kid now I am 54, love the movie by james Cameron. but still love hearing about it and what happened is so sad, any way I think people should leave it alone I am like bob ballard, it should be left alone now.


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