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Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Allen

Let us never forget the importance of this original directive: we must keep learning and teaching in order keep from destroying our fragile biosphere. Let there be peas on earth, and let it begin with me- P. Shekley

Rita Sherman
Rita Sherman

I remember the first Earth Day in Washington D.C. in 1970.  We marched in a large group around the Washington monument I had brought my younger sister who was 16 at the time.  I was with my college friends one who had been to Woodstock  with me.  It was stimulating but we were maced by the D.C. police for assembling for a cause.  Now it's a global event!!!  Grassroots can really make a difference!

Cindy Perri
Cindy Perri

I went to the first Earth Day in Boston on the Commons with my Auntie Barb and Uncle Bill. I was too little to remember much about the day except seeing all the hippies and getting a flower painted on my face lol

Lisa Grant
Lisa Grant

Who remembers the first Earth Day? I was a little girl, and it has influenced my life from then on.

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